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What is SineRider?

SineRider is a game of numerical sledding. It will make you see math the way mathematicians see it: a creative process of exploration and discovery. Math is the ultimate puzzle, and SineRider is the ultimate math puzzle game.

SineRider was originally inspired by the many hours I spent graphing on a TI-86.

Hitting the slopes

Each level is a mathematical puzzle which can be solved by composing a function.

A tutorial puzzle

Some of the puzzles are very simple.

A simple puzzle

Others are more complex.

A complex puzzle

You can send solutions to puzzles with links, like this one.

A shared puzzle

You can also build your own puzzles and send those through links, too.

A custom-built puzzle

The project is still in alpha right now, but is very playable.

A beautiful puzzle

What Makes SineRider Unique?

Most educational games just teach facts—like flashcards, but flashier. Facts are important, but education is more than memorization. Education is also logic, creativity, and problem-solving. A good education builds skills that bind facts together, and so should a good educational game.

SineRider teaches the facts of graphing plus fundamental skills you need to solve real problems. It proves that math can be fun and even beautiful with playful, creative, and engaging puzzles.

Who is it For?

Almost everyone! Even elementary schoolers should be able to make it through the tutorials with a little guidance from a parent or teacher.

The tutorials begin around 7th grade in a typical U.S. curriculum, and cover most major graphing topics through high school—plus a little extra that most students never see. Whether learning this stuff for the first time or reviewing it in college, any math student will find SineRider helpful.

This game is not just for students though. Professional mathematicians will be stumped by some of the harder puzzles, and there is no limit to how hard new puzzles can be.

SineRider is great for the math-curious to play on their own, parents to play with their kids, teachers to use in their classrooms, and grown-up geeks looking for a challenge.

Does it Really Work?

Yes, but don't take my word for it. Here are some nice things people have said about SineRider:

"Anyone would get it instantly that this is an educational game, and yet they do the tutorial and onboarding so much better than many textbooks and even classrooms that I've sat in on."
-James Portnow, Extra Creditz

"An excellent way of letting those studying the subject explore it in a vivid and immediately responsive way."
-John Walker, Rock Paper Shotgun

"I can hardly type coherently right now. I'm bowled over. Flummoxed. I, too, remember the subtle joy of plugging weird functions into a graphing calculator to see what you could come up with... It's just so beautiful."
-Bill Price, Future Imperfect

How Can I Play?

You can play SineRider in your web browser on Windows or OSX, but for now it requires the Unity Web Player plugin. You can also download a desktop version for Windows, OSX, or Linux.

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